Tire Services

Capital GMC Buick offers tires from all major brands approved to fit your GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick vehicles as well as all other makes and models. Use our shopping tool below to choose the tires that fit your vehicle and budget!


When you’re looking for unbeatable deals on a new set of high-quality brand tires in Edmonton, or require a swift tire rotation or inspection, look no further than Capital GMC Buick. Our team of factory-trained professionals is dedicated to ensuring your tires are perfectly suited for the highways and byways in and around Sherwood Park, presenting a broad array of competitively priced, leading-brand tires for your choosing.

Here at our tire shop in Edmonton, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of tire services, including:

  • Professional tire changes and rotations
  • Comprehensive tire inspection and repair
  • Accurate wheel alignment and balancing
  • Convenient tire storage with our on-premises facility


Dispelling the myth that dealership tires come at a premium over discount tire outlets, Capital GMC Buick in Edmonton stands committed to affordability. At our tire shop, you’ll find consistently low prices on durable tires, and we guarantee to match any lower advertised price you come across.

Our dealership advantage extends to offering an extended tire warranty, providing you with the reassurance that you’re covered in case of unexpected tire issues. The benefits of this warranty usually outweigh its cost over time. Additionally, when you purchase and install your tires at Capital GMC Buick, we ensure they are properly rotated and balanced to prevent future complications.



The winter roads of Alberta pose a significant challenge to drivers. The most effective way to enhance your safety is to invest in a set of winter tires from our tire shop in Edmonton. The right winter tires will offer you the necessary traction and control on icy, slick, and snowy roads throughout the St. Albert area. Our experienced and friendly staff is here to help you choose, replace, and fit the ideal winter tires for your vehicle. Furthermore, we provide winter tires at cost, enabling you to enhance your safety during winter driving while also saving money. Remember, it’s advisable to switch to winter tires when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius.



Understanding whether to repair or replace a tire is crucial. At our Edmonton tire shop, our experts can advise you on whether you need a tire repair service or if it’s more beneficial to buy a new tire. We strive to offer prompt and skilled service for tire repairs, alongside high-quality replacement tires for any make and model.

To accurately assess a tire’s damage, it must be removed from the wheel for a thorough internal inspection. Driving on a flat tire, even over short distances, is not advisable as it could cause irreparable damage.

Our technicians at Capital GMC Buick are adept at fixing most punctures and nail holes. However, tires with sidewall punctures or those worn down to less than 1.6 millimeters typically necessitate replacement.



Ensuring the longevity of your tires requires proper maintenance. Below are some tire care suggestions from our Edmonton tire shop:

TIRE ROTATIONS – It’s recommended to rotate your tires around every 8,000 kilometers to promote even tread wear, thereby extending their lifespan. This task is best left to a certified technician who can also perform the necessary balancing and alignment to keep your vehicle roadworthy.

TIRE WEAR – It’s essential to monitor for excessive tire wear since driving on overly worn tires can be perilous under various driving conditions. Regular checks of the tire tread depth and overall condition are advisable. New tires usually start with 8 to 9 millimeters of tread depth. When this decreases to 1.6 millimeters or less, it’s time for a replacement. Look out for:

  • Uneven wear on the tire’s interior, exterior, or shoulder
  • Spotty or diagonal tread wear patterns
  • The visibility of cords or fabric through the tire rubber
  • Punctures, cuts, and other irreparable damages

CLEANING YOUR TIRES – For optimal performance and safety, keeping your tires clean is vital. Most tire manufacturers suggest cleaning tires with just soap and water, as other solutions may contain chemicals harmful to rubber.

TIRE STORAGE – Correctly storing your tires is important. Avoid placing tires near electrical fields or in contact with petroleum-based products, as these can deteriorate rubber. Tires can lose air pressure even when a vehicle is stationary for prolonged periods. Always check and adjust your tires to the proper psi as indicated in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or on the driver’s side door frame. At Capital GMC Buick, we offer affordable seasonal tire storage solutions.


In the market for new tires? Use our convenient online tire finder. In need of tire repair or maintenance? Come by our tire shop in Edmonton and let our certified technicians assist you. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

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